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Business License Online Renewal

Most City of Vista business licenses can be renewed online. Businesses eligible for on-line renewal have a PIN number printed on their renewal form. Be sure to use an 8 character business license account number and PIN number from your renewal form or from the e-mail the City may have sent you. Online renewals are accepted 60 days prior to and up to 90 days after your license expires. If you need to renew outside this window, please contact our office for assistance.

Information entered during the online renewal process will only be retained if you pay online.

If there are no significant changes on the license and we do not have questions about the renewal, you should receive the printed business license in 10-15 days after you receive notice that the payment is accepted. If further information is needed or if there are significant changes on the license, we will contact you to let you know what else is needed before the license can be printed.
Enter the characters in the picture below.
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Account #
Enter your business license account #. This number can be found on your renewal form in the lower right corner. It needs to be 8 digits long and normally includes zeroes at the beginning.
Enter your online renewal pin #. This number can be found on your renewal form. Click here to have the PIN emailed to the primary contact's email on file.

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